Payment Methods

There are 4 ways of payment:

1. Payment by credit card:
The customer can choose the payment by credit card, the transaction being performed at the time of ordering. The accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Electron, Diners club and American express. We recommend this method of payment since we receive the payment at the moment and expedite the process of sending the order.

2. Payment by bank transfer:
You must make a bank transfer within 48 hours to our account for the total amount of the order. The total amount will appear on your screen before confirming your order and you will also receive in your email the total amount and all the data to make the bank transfer.

If you choose Bank Transfer the order will not be served until the customer sends the payment receipt or we receive the amount in our bank account.

3. Payment through Paypal:
If you choose this form of payment, once the purchase is completed, you will be redirected to the official Paypal website where you can make the payment.

4. Payment through Bitcoins:

If you choose this form of payment, at the end of the purchase process you will see the amount to pay with Bitcoins. At the end of the purchase will be shown the address Bitcoin where the payment should be made and also the exact amount to be paid.

If you choose this method of payment, the order will not be used until you receive the entire payment.